There are plenty of places you can go for a swim in London, from bathing ponds to an Olympic pool, but soon you’ll be able to do so suspended between two buildings 35-metres high. The Sky Pool, opening at Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms this May, is the first of its kind; a 25-metre transparent acrylic pool, 10 storeys up, that hangs across the two Legacy Buildings blocks, allowing people underneath to right through to the sky and swimmers to see the streets below. And it’s been designed in such a way that even if the two blocks were to move with the wind (!), the pool itself will stay watertight. It rains enough in London as it is so we certainly don’t need any extra splashes coming from the sky. There’s also a Sky Deck at the top of buildings where you can lounge/calm down after getting those lengths in.

If you do fancy taking a dip, there is one big catch – the Sky Pool is only open to Embassy Garden residents and properties in the development start at £695,000, so it’s definitely not a fiver a go like at your local lido.

Opens Weds 19th May 2021
Viaduct Gardens, Nine Elms, London SW11 7BW