the world’s first meditation cab is here

What with Brexit, not getting enough sleep and all the Christmas bits we’ve still gotta get done, it’s no wonder that we are pretty stressed out nation. In fact, mindfulness app Headspace has done some research and discovered that 67% of Brits say they’re more stressed than they were five years ago and 80% of Londoners find their commute stressful, they’ve decided to help us beat the blues by launching the world’s first ever meditation cab.

To request a ride, you just have to share your pick-up and drop-off spots on Instagram or Twitter with #mindfulcab and during the free ride you can enjoy a Headspace session guided by the voice of Andy Puddicombe. Headspace has even launched a spesh UK collection of meditation packs for our particular worries including Brexit, commuting and even the weather.

And you can give the app a go for free with the code MPPBLACKCAB.

Running until Thurs 6th December 2018