Missing the days where you could tuck into a cheeseboard and lounge on the sofa in the middle of the afternoon? The holidays may be over but you can still indulge because the world’s first cheese hotel is coming to London. You’d better brie-lieve it. The Cheese Suite features cheese-themed wallpaper, cushions and bedding; cheese soap; cheese boardgames; cheese installations to snap selfies with; and even a cheese hotline that you can dial for cheese and crackers. Cheesus Christ, that’s a lot of yellow.

It’s free to stay in the hotel – you’ll need to email to register your interest with nights being allocated at random – though you can also donate to the Prince’s Trust. And because the homage to fromage is coming courtesy of Cafe Rouge, you’ll also get a free meal in any of its restaurants too.

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Weds 29th January – Thurs 6th February 2020
Camden, London