The Wolseley Hospitality Group has announced that The Woseley City will open this autumn

Just short of a year after Corbin & King was bought by the Minor Hotel Group, it’s been revealed that one of the group’s most renowned restaurants, The Wolseley, will be getting a second location in the City. The news broke on Friday with an Instagram post from The Wolseley saying that the new, larger site will open later this year on King William Street.

The Corbin & King group (whose other properties include Brasserie Zédel, The Delaunay and Colbert, among others) was rebranded as The Wolseley Hospitality Group after its acquisition by Minor last year who intend to grow the group globally. The Wolseley City has been designed after the OG, inspired by the work of 160 Picadilly’s architect William Curtis Green. Expect Byzantine chandeliers, Baroque ironwork, 1920’s Egyptian touches, a vaulted ceiling, two private dining rooms and three bar spaces. The menu will include The Wolseley classics as well as some site-specific specials.

So far, there’s been a mixed response to the news online, with comments under the Instagram announcement ranging from excitement at the idea to fearing The Wolseley’s Ivy-fication. For now, whether this expansion will mean good things for the brand or mark The Wolseley’s Chef Gusteau to Chef Boyardee transformation remains to be seen.

Opens autumn 2023
68 King William Street, London EC4N 7HR