London has a lot of entertainment to offer, and great casinos are one of them. So, if you want to know where to go for a great night of gambling, you should continue reading. This article will present you with the two most astonishing casinos London has to offer. 

If you want to enjoy a fun night with an intense game of poker, a seat at the roulette table, and taking a chance at the slot machines, London has plenty to offer. Whether you are in for a festive night or a classy evening, you will be able to find a casino catering to your wants and needs.  

Make sure to prepare

Before you go out for the real deal, you should make sure to get some practice. It is always better to come prepared and it is a good idea to catch up on the rules of the games. To do so, you can use some of the many online casinos available. You should find a good casino guide to lead you to the best casinos, such as Casino Hawk’s casino guide. Using a guide will make it easier to find a trustworthy site by singling out the well-reviewed sites. Besides, it will give you an overview of the different bonuses and free spins the different casinos offer. This is a great possibility to get a welcome bonus and get the chance to gamble for free. 

The Hippodrome Casino

With the popular oasis of a Rooftop Terraces, the Hippodrome Casino offers an exclusive and luxurious vibe with titanic opulence. The great building draws the guests in with its overwhelming exterior and the inside does not disappoint with chandeliers and cabaret-ish decorations. This place offers a broad variety of entertainment and great shows. Visiting this establishment will present you with all sorts of different possibilities for a night of fun and class. In some cases, you will have to book in advance. But it is possible to walk in and get seated without a reservation. That is of course if there is room. The hours will pass by quickly in this establishment of fun and you will be smitten by the special spirit roaming in this old and historic building. 

Empire Casino

The casino opened back in 1884, but until then the building hosted a cinema. This casino on Leicester Square, in the middle of the city’s buzzing and busy area, is open every hour of every day and offers all the notorious casino experiences. Many would coin this casino as the most popular in London, probably because of its age and history. With 55.000 square feet distributed across two floors, the casino offers both a lot of gaming tables and plenty of bars. You can enter the casino for free and whether you are experienced or a novice the staff will guide you through the possibilities of the establishment. This establishment would be a great place to visit on a date night as well as it would offer a great setting for a festive night with a group of friends.