Known for supplying top restaurants with the best fresh produce, Natoora is now taking on the world of bread

The Natoora team is partnering with miller and baker Graison Gill, a James Beard finalist and founder of Bellegarde Bakery in New Orleans, to open grain-first mill and bakery Alma in Bermondsey. The new bakery will combine Gill’s years of expertise and Natoora’s sourcing experience to produce flavourful, nutritional breads that also have a significant ecological impact.

Wheat will be freshly milled on site at Alma, coming from heritage wheat growers across Europe, including John Letts in Oxford, Gilchesters in Northumberland, Moulins Bourgeois outside Paris, and Molini del Ponte in Sicily. Alma is aiming to buy 300 acres of heritage wheat each year, which will have a big impact on restoring those local grain economies, supporting farmers, and improving the biodiversity of those farmlands.

The wholemeal flour will be stone-milled in batches, using the New American Stone Mill (aka the best in the world), with the loaves being slow-fermented and hand shaped to ensure the best tasting and most nutrient-dense final products. There’ll be at least five breads on offer at Alma when it opens, including Epi, Seeded Sourdough, Ciabatta, Baguette and Country Loaf (with more in development), and you’ll be able to get them from the Bermondsey bakery on Saturdays from 10am – 2pm and in Natoora stores. You can also expect them to start appearing on restaurant menus, and there are plans to have guest chefs come into Alma for some collab creations and events.

Opens Sat 29th April 2023
57 Stanworth Street, London, SE1 3NY