the sea, the sea to open in chelsea

Bonnie Gull co-founder Alex Hunter is opening a new fishmonger / deli / seafood and champagne bar in Chelsea this spring. By day The Sea, The Sea will function as a shop, where customers can buy fresh seafood sourced from around the UK as well as directly from fishermen, with a focus on sustainable fish. There’ll also be a range of deli products like stocks, sauces, marinades, pies and smoked fish on offer too.

Not only will Leandro Carreira, who joins as executive chef after the closure of Londrino, create dishes like Cornish seabass crudo with crispy parsely and squid with pine nuts and sake for the seafood bar’s evening menu, The Sea, The Sea will also host a ‘guest fishmonger’ series. Top chefs will take part in masterclasses and share recipes – perfect if you need to brush up on your filleting skills.

By night, you can pop in for some oysters, the catch of the day, or a shellfish platter and a glass or two of champagne.

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Opens Fri 26th April 2019
174 Pavilion Rd, London, SW1X 0AW