We don’t want to hear it anymore, your right it is bloody freezing but let’s just get on with it, there are more important things on the horizon, like say…Pancake Day. Has anyone given any thought to bloody Pancake Day? No? Well lucky for you The Breakfast Club has and they have created the Pancake Challenge. So it’s down to it’s simplest form, Man vs Pancake…Eat 12 pancakes in 20 minutes and you don’t pay, but if you can’t eat them all then you pay full price and no one likes a loser. Available at each of the four breakfast clubs all day.

For those who fancy an even bigger challenge then head along to either the Spitalfields or Hoxton branch at 7:30pm and take part in the Pancake Race. Be warned though this one involves stuffing 6 pancakes in your mush as fast as possible, the first one to finish wins dinner for them and 6 mates. You might want to take that another day mind as we don’t imagine you’ll be that hungry after. Booking is essential, RSVP with your name and which cafe you wish to compete at (Hoxton or Spitalfields only). Good luck!

Pancake Challenge
Tues 12th Feb
The breakfast Club, Hoxton 2-4 Rufus Street N1 6PE
The Breakfast Club Spitalfields 12-16 Artillery Lane E1 7LS