The Breakfast Club’s annual Pancake Challenge is back! Think you can handle it? Well just rock up at any of their venues on Pancake Day and get involved – you might want to skip lunch/breakfast and perhaps even dinner the evening before. The rules are simple: Eat 12 pancakes in less than 15 minutes. If you win, it’s free. If you lose, you’ll pay full price and they donate all profits to charity. 

There’s also Pancake Races at the Hoxton, Spitalfields and Battersea cafes at 7.30pm on the 4th. Contestants will be served six pancakes each, with free meals up for grabs for winners and three of their friends. To enter, email with your name and Pancake Race location of choice.

Good luck guys, remember it’s not the taking part that counts. It’s the WINNING!

Tues 4th Mar
Various venues