Regent’s Place is teaming up with the San Francisco Green Film Festival to launch a London version of the event. Taking place this July, the London Green Film Festival will explore environmental issues like plastic waste and climate change through a free programme of documentaries, screened daily at 12.30pm and 6pm in Regent’s Place.

Films on the line-up include The Last Animals, which follows a group of people who fight to save some of the planet’s last animals; the climate change doc The Age of Stupid; and Chasing the Thunder, which features conservationists chasing down illegal poaching vessel the Thunder. In keeping with the green ethos, the festival will be completely powered by renewable electricity sources, and Biff’s Jack Shack will be on hand serving up plant-based grub.

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Weds 17th – Fri 26th July 2019
Regent’s Place, London, NW1