Get 50% off the Lagunitas beer circus this weekend

Cali-based brewers Lagunitas is hopping across the pond to bring the Lagunitas Beer Circus back to Flat Iron Square this weekend. Apart from being packed full with beer (obvs), the Beer Circus also features everything from bizarre burlesque and aerialists to marching bands and freak show entertainment, with a load of quirky bands providing the soundtrack.

Prepare to see things that can’t be unseen as this isn’t your typical circus. You may think a clown might make you giggle as he falls over his own feet, but you will find they are more likely to show you how they swallow razor blades and fetch them from their throat by sending down a piece of string. Yep, do not try this at home kids. You can also get hands-on and learn how to make a whip crack, cowboy style. With gun-slingin’ a plenty you’ll get a taste of the Lagunitas Beer Circus alright. You may laugh, you may cry, but while the full deets are still under wraps, you can expect some limited releases and one-hitters with guest breweries providing the bevs alongside Lagunitas.

Yes, besides the freakshow, there are some insanely amazing beers to get stuck into, and having recently met their head brewmaster which was a little like meeting The Dude from The Big Lebowski, a most enjoyable experience to say the least, we’ve become super fans of the Cali beer. Here’s a rundown of our top three Lagunitas to get your chops round at the Circus.

Day Time

This is your lifeline. The session IPA clocks in at 4% and 98 cals for those watching the waistline. The light yet crisp, hop forward beer is refreshing and allows you to have more than a few without turning into your own freakshow. Absolute winner.


This is a beast of a beer that demands respect. It’s well rounded with caramel tones and slightly on the rich side of town. At 6.2% you better know what you are doing, this isn’t a guzzler.


Perfect for a thirst quenching hot summers day. This is a zero alcohol, zero carbohydrates, zero calories, sparkling IPA inspired water, yes water. It’s fizzy and funnily enough works perfectly with gin. Win Win.

Fancy it? Well how about 50% off and a free Lagunitas DayTime Session IPA on arrival and a token for another drink of your choice? Easy win, just enter the code ‘LAGUBUDDIES’ for £10 tickets from the link below. All ticket proceeds go to StreetVet, the Lagunitas partner charity for this event.

Sat 20th July 2019
Flat Iron Square 53a Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RU