The Houses of Parliament Restaurant Is Now Available on Delivery Apps

And the prices are shocking

It may not be the first place you think to order a bit of dinner from but The Houses of Parliament Restaurant is a place where serious bargains can be had – if you’re an MP that is. The House of Commons Catering Service spends millions of pounds of taxpayer money each year subsiding food and drink at its on-site bars and restaurants, meaning politicians can tuck into dishes like panko-coated lamb loin with carrot & Timothy Taylor Ale purée, black garlic, potato galette and natural jus for as little as £10.10. At the same time, the country is in the grip of a cost-of-living crisis, three million people have had to turn to food banks in the last year, and North Paddington Foodbank, the largest food aid charity in Westminster, has been supporting over 8000 households.

That’s why NPFB and artist Corbin Shaw have teamed up to launch the ‘No Food In The House’ campaign, calling for the redirection of public funds away from subsidising meals in the Commons and towards tackling food poverty across the country. Shaw has designed a series of plates with slogans like ‘Politicians fine dine on meal deal prices’, ‘Haven’t you had enough?’ and ‘Nationalise scran’ to support the project.

They’ve also partnered with Deliveroo, showcasing the kind of dishes (and prices) on offer at The Houses of Parliament Restaurant, like smoked salmon with caperberries (£4.95), chargrilled sirloin steak with roast mushrooms and fries (£13.90), lemon sole with buttered asparagus (£10.10), and almond meringue with lime coconut cream & melon (£3). You can’t actually order the food for delivery but you can get a Corbin Shaw-designed t-shirt, with 100% of the profits going to support the Independent Food Aid Network, and you also show your support by signing the campaign’s petition here.

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