If you’ve been looking for a way to level up your cooking and are lucky enough to have some outside space in London, this new oven is about to change everything. The Gozney Dome is a professional-grade live-fire oven that’s suitable for everyone for beginner cooks to masterchefs. It’s been modelled after a classic Neopolitan oven but it’s not just for pizza (although it can cook one up perfectly in just 60 seconds). This multitasker, which reaches temperatures of up to 950 degrees, can take on roasting, steaming, smoking, and baking, so you can get experimental.

With summer finally looking like it’s on the horizon, it’s time to ditch that old BBQ and char up some tomahawk steak on an open wood fire. Or, if your sourdough obsession never quite died down after lockdown, you can bake the perfect loaf with the crispiest of crusts. And to truly deck out your dome, they also have a range of accessories including turning, placement and pizza peels, pizza rockers and dough cutters (just so you can look even more profesh). It’s time to dust off that sourdough starter and roll out the aprons because home-cooking just got a whole lot more exciting.