We all know that the fashion industry has big problems when it comes to sustainability – around a 300,000 tonnes of clothing gets binned in the UK every year, which either gets incinerated or piled on landfill. BBC Earth and Teemill have teamed up to do their bit to change all that by creating the first-ever zero-waste t-shirt.

The #SustainableMe t-shirt is made from discarded organic cotton garments mixed with 100% GOTS certified cotton, and it gets printed seconds after it’s ordered (so no stockpiles) meaning it has a minimal environmental footprint. And it can be repeatedly recycled so it never has to end up in landfill – once the tee is worn out, you can return it to Teemill who will make new products from the material. You scan the QR code on the label to activate a freepost code (and you also get a fiver off a new item) so sending it back for recycling couldn’t be easier. This is how you do fast fashion.

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