the field opens in london fields

Another plant-based restaurant has opened up in east London but this one comes with a little bit of a twist. The Field, run by Nik Williamson and Ryan Petty, who between them have cooked in the likes of The Square, Frenchie and Hibiscus, is what they call “plant-plus”; it’s a vegan menu with the option to add fish or meat to some of the courses, the idea being that the veggies are the stars and meat is the side dish, similar to The Grain Store (RIP) or Bryn Williams at Somerset House.

The lunch menu features snacks like Vietnamese spring rolls and buffalo cauliflower as well as health bowls, with regularly changing tasting menus on for dinner. Dishes here can include seaweed, mushrooms, sea purslane, celeriac and olive (with the option to add hake) and roasted cauliflower, sweet potato, kale, romaneso and a roasted veg jus (with the option to add chicken) so both vegans and carnivores can experience virtually the same meal. There are vegan friendly wines and beers on the drinks list too, so there really is something for everyone at The Field.

358-360 Westgate St, London, E8 3RN