The Cinnamon Club Is Hosting an All-Night General Election Watch Party

The 2024 general election is coming up fast, and if you’re planning on keeping an eye on the results as they come in, you may as well get some good food out of it. Luckily, The Cinnamon Club is hosting an all-night general election watch party. As well as screening the results as they come out, the Westminster restaurant will be open from 6pm on Thurs 4th July until 11am the next morning, serving dinner, midnight snacks and breakfast. There’s no need to buy a ticket, just book a table, and if you don’t fancy eating you can still show up and tune in with a drink at the Library Bar.

Thurs 4th – Fri 5th Jul 2024, 6pm – 11am
The Old Westminster Library, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BU