After a few different attempts at the idea, London is finally getting its own version of NYC’s High Line

A brand new park is coming to the city as planning approval has been granted for the first section of the Camden Highline, an elevated green space on a 1.2km section of a disused railway line between Camden and King’s Cross, after four years of the project being in development. Led by a multidisciplinary team that includes James Corner Field Operations, the designers of New York’s High Line, the Camden Highline is being built in three sections – Camden Gardens to Royal College Street, Royal College Street to Camley Street, and Camley Street to York Way – with each part having a slightly different character, to reflect the different neighbours the park passes through.

As well as featuring a range of greenery inspired by woodlands, meadows and ancient British hedgerows to boost the area’s biodiversity, the Highline will also include a children’s play zone, outdoor classroom and volunteer-run allotments. There’ll also be balconies to connect the park to the streets below and an architectural screen, with nesting sites and trainspotting windows, running along its length to separate the Highline from the active rail line.

There’s a very loose completion date of 2024 so we’ve still got some time to wait before this one opens but with the first section approved, it’s moving in the right direction.