When the weather is hot, hot, hot, you need a drink that’s cold, cold, cold, and you can forget popping some ice cubes in a glass, the whole thing needs to be frozen. Yes we’re talking slushies people and not the bright blue ones from your youth – these are strictly for big kids. Here’s where to get the best slushies in London.

Mikkeller Brewpub

Mikkeller Brewpub in Exmouth Market has a rotating selection of slushies on offer, so whether its a fruity watermelon and strawberry mix, a summery piña colada or a one-of-a-kind Nouveau Wine slushy, they’ll have something that tickles your fancy.

Krush Puppies

If you’re supplying for a house party or a boozy picnic in the park, Krush Puppies are your guys. These ultra-indie slushie slingers are making some of the best – and most powerful – frozen cocktails out there. They’ve got a bunch of different flavours – from ‘Magnumade’ (Magnum & lemonade) to margaritas – plus, they’re selling them for as little as £6 a pop which is (as we all know, by London standards) kind of a steal.

Ixta Belfrage’s Watermelon, Strawberry & Scotch Bonnet Mezcalista Slushies at Pastaio

Pastaio’s summer slushy series is coming to an end and it’s bowing out in style with this watermelon, strawberry and scotch bonnet mezcalita collab bevvy with Ixta Belfrage, which is on the menu throughout September.

Frozen Palomitas at Seabird

Not content with providing bangin’ views over London and some of the best seafood in town, Seabird is helping you keep cool on the rooftop with Frozen Palomitas.

Champagne Pina Coladas at Coupette

If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain then you’re gonna love cooling off with this frozen luxe version, with two types of rum, pineapple liqueur, pineapple juice, coconut sorbet and champange, from Bethnal Green bar Coupette.

Frosè Palomas at Funkidory

Two ultimate summer drinks spun through one slushy machine? Oh Funkidory you do spoil us. Their perfectly pink Frosè Paloma combines agave blanco tequila, rosé wine and homemade grapefruit cordial.

Frozen Margaritas at Padre

You can’t have tacos without margaritas, and when the temps are rising (and the tacos are spicy), only a frozen marg. Enter Padre who’ll see you right on both fronts.