When regarded individually, bread, minced prawn paste, and sesame seeds are simple, unexciting even. But when you put them all together and drop them in a deep fryer, the result is something special. Prawn toast has been a staple on Chinese menus across the UK for years but now it’s getting the attention it deserves. These are the best prawn toast dishes in London right now.

Prawn Toast at Milk Beach Soho

Aussie spot Milk Beach may be able to throw steaks and shrimps on the barbie but they can also do a hell of a prawn toast (swipe to see), loaded with sesame and served with a gochujang sweet & sour sauce for dippage.

Scallop Prawn Toast at Wun’s Tea Room & Bar

Wun’s Tea Room & Bar is serving up the crispiest prawn toast, with added scallop for good measure, as part of their new brunch menu. Just look at it.

CPC Prawn Toast at Gunpowder Soho

The new Soho branch of Gunpowder is out here putting an Indian spin on prawn toast, taking inspo from the CPC in Kolkata for this spiced black tiger prawn number served with a soy & kasundi dipping sauce on the side.

Prawn “in” Toast at Mr Ji

Forget prawns on the toast, Mr Ji is putting prawns in the toast, literally inside the bread itself, with this fried brioche baby filled with bechamel, sweetcorn and prawns, and dusted with a blanket of parmesan.

Crispy Sesame Prawn Roll at Dim Sum & Duck

These whoppers at cult new spot Dim Sum & Duck in King’s Cross swap out the toast part for dumpling skins wrapped around the prawn filling and then deep fried, so when they say crispy, they mean it.

Sesame Prawn Toast at Yauatcha

An oldie but a goodie. Yauatcha have been knocking out quality dim sum for years and the sesame prawn toast is a staple of their baked and fried selection.