Plants are proven to have a positive effect on mental wellbeing but seeing as it’s harder to browse the flower markets during the pandemic, you should get the greenery to come to you. Luckily you can get all manner of flora and fauna delivered, from houseplants and succulents to seedlings and seasonal outdoor plants, so you can turn your house into a jungle. Here are the best plant delivery services in London…

London Houseplants – it’s no secret what London Houseplants specialises in, so if you need some plants to brighten up your pad and you’re in the capital then this is the place. Their selection ranges from hanging plants to air purifying plants, with ferns, palms, succulents, yuccas and more to choose from.

The Stem – sustainability-focused plant shop The Stem delivers across London (in electric vans) and plants a tree for every order to offset their supply-chain emissions. Whether you want a statement plant, something invincible or a shade-dweller, there’s plenty of foliage to choose from, and The Stem also sells pots so you can make sure you can one that fits your plant exactly.

Lazy Flora – if you want plants delivered on the regs then you need a Lazy Flora subscription, with options for both indoor and outdoor plant. Indoor ones come in monthly intervals and you can even choose pet-friendly, low-light and unkillable to suit your lifestyle (and plant parenting skills). Outdoor plants come once a season or you buy the collection as a one-off purchase.

Urban Flower Co – as well as selling beaut flower arrangements, the Urban Flower Co also does plants, with a small range including snake plants, calatheas, monsteras and peace lilies, plus terrariums if you want something low effort. The shop is currently only delivering to North London.

Seedlings for Solace – this new fundraising initiative is delivering seedlings in exchange for £5 donations to domestic abuse charity Solace Women’s Aid. They’re being delivered around north, east and south London and you can also pick them up from Allpress in Dalston.

Floom – they’re better known for their flowers but you can also order plants on Floom. Once you’ve put in your postcode, you can see which plants are available from independent florists in your area, like Orchidya, PM Flowers, and Botanique Workshop, and when they can be sent out.

Green Rooms – as they can’t host their botantical markets in person, Green Rooms have taken it online. The virtual market (which is open all day, every day) features over 50 of the capital’s botanical brands, so you can shop pots, stands, hangers, terrariums and all manner of houseplants and succulents from the safety of your own home.