The Best of Instagram in 2023

What a time 2023 was to be online

It’s been a tumultuous twelve months but there were moments and memes to lighten the mood amidst the year’s doom and gloom. It was the year that Elon Musk paid billions of dollars to ditch the bird and run Twitter, sorry X, into the ground, and it was the year Instagram tried to steal its thunder with Threads. It was the year the Roman Empire came back into fashion, “girl dinner” became a legit meal, and anxious sighthounds took over Clapton. It was the year we had Kenough. But what were LOTI’s highlights? Well, get ready ’cause it’s that top nine time again…

1. The St Pancras Christmas Tree

2. The Valentine’s Day Board

3. The Seasons

4. The Long Summer Days

5. The Easter Bunnies

6. The Barbie-Can

7. The Prince Charles Cinema

8. The Pancakes

9. The Winter Lights