A war, a World Cup, a Platinum Jubilee, a state funeral, a revolving door at number 10…..2022, to call you eventful would be a serious understatement. And social media was there to document it all. We had The Slap, The Queue, and The Lettuce; we became obsessed with Wordle, Renaissance, and negroni sbagliatos; we saw the rise of BeReal and potentially the end of Twitter. Lionel Messi’s post featuring him holding the World Cup became the most liked post ever (with over 73 million likes at the time of writing), finally knocking the egg off its perch. But what were LOTI’s highlights? Well, get ready ’cause it’s that top nine time again…

1. The Green Planet

2. The Ice Cream

3. The Northern Line

4. The Simpsons Sofa

5. The Storm

6. The Platty Jubes

7. The Crumble

8. The Nightclub

9. The Sign