It’s been another difficult year, but in March we finally made it outta lockdown and started making up for lost time. Not only did we spend the summer cheering on the England boys as they made it to the final of the Euros, but our #FreeBritney dreams also came true. As well as that, Adele made a comeback (as did the night tube, kind of) and the phenomenon that was Squid Game hit our screens too. Obvs we can’t forget the whole 12 hours in which social media went down and we all lost our minds (still a little bit scarred tbh) and when immersive experiences started spreading through London faster than you know what. And just like that it’s another year over, but what were LOTI’s highlights? Well, get ready ’cause it’s that top nine time again…

1. The Memorial Wall

2. The Outrage

3. The Euros

4. The Legend

5. The Palm Trees

6. The Euros (again)

7. And again…

8. The Comeback

9. The Halloween One