Yes, we’ve had a sh*tter of a year. It’s hard to think back to the beginning of 2020 when we were all naive and going about our daily business, like sitting next to each other on the tube and in bars and stuff. Though there might not have been as many viral moments this year (thinking back to 2019’s most-liked world record Insta egg), 2020 has had its moments, even in the midst of a pandemic, whether it’s the nationwide clapping for our NHS (who knew we could all come together for a cause right?!) or the world falling in love/hate with Tiger King (and the Carole Baskin memes that followed), and not forgetting when Kanye ran for president. But what about LOTI? It’s that top 9 time again…

1. The Outrage

2. The Lockdown

3. The Lights

4. The Roasties

5. The Festivities

6. The Pink Sky

7. The Dream House

8. The Rainbow

9. The Trump Card