This whole lockdown thing is a bit of a tough gig. You’ve got time – so much time – stretching out in front of you but you’ve got to fill it with things you can get inside of your house. Rather than succumbing to cabin fever, dive into a project. Make something from scratch, watch it grow and then enjoy it with a real smug sense of achievement. Whether it’s gin, bacon, coffee, cheese or your own futuristic prog rock synth, here are the best at-home kits you need to make self-isolation a lot more productive.

Make Your Own Ceramics Kit

It won’t be quite like recreating that scene from Ghost but you can still make your very own pottery at home with this kit from Scuplt. It contains everything you need to sculpt, carve, paint, sand and seal your own pinch pots, trinket dishes or small plant pots, so let your creativity run wild. £4 from every order is also being donated to NHS Charities Together.

Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit

You’ll become a supersonic mixologist in no time as this kit gives you not one but seven Espresso Martini bevvies to knock up. Ideal to spice up a Friday night or even a cheeky Sunday afternoon we say.

Make Your Own Bacon Home Curing Kit

Everything is better with bacon. Burgers, toasties, cereal…ok maybe not everything but most things. And you can learn to make it yourself with this home curing kit. It only takes a week and you’ll get up to 4kg of streaky or back bacon out of it, think of all the bacon savings you’ll make with that. And you won’t have to nip to the shops to get supplies for your morning bacon sarnies. Winning.

Soy Candle Making Kit

If you love a good candle, why not learn to make your own? It’s easier than you think thanks to this Hazel & Blue soy candle making kit. The whole kit is eco-friendly, with recyclable glass containers, natural soy wax and natural cotton & linen wicks. The Relax & Unwind kit contains amber and bergamot scents, perfect for bringing a little zen into your life.

Wool & The Gang Cushion Starter Kit

Move over grandma because knitting is the new rock ‘n’ roll. And Wool & The Gang are like The Beatles of knitting. They have tons of options for knitting newbies, like this Can You Feel It cushion kit with super cosy yarn, as well as kits for the more advanced, so there isn’t a better time to whip out those needles.

Craft Beer Brewing Starter Kit

Celebrate each week you complete working from home with a pint of your very own signature homebrew. This kit makes brewing real ales from scratch super easy with an introduction into the world of craft beer, recipe packs and all the equipment you need. You’ll become the beer connoisseur you’ve always wanted to be in no time.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Spice up your life by making your very own World of Zing’s hot sauce, as seen on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. The kit includes three recipes to make up two different hot sauces and one chilli oil, which are sure to knock your socks off. It’s veggie and vegan friendly too.

Grow Your Own Red Wine Gift Crate

Specially chosen to thrive in the British climate, these vines will produce healthy grapes that can be turned into a beautiful red wine. The kit includes a recipe for the vino and labels for you to mark your very own vintage. You know what they say, a wine a day helps you work, rest and play….

The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit

With enough for ten different kinds of cheese over forty batches, this is the ultimate cheese kit alright. With a range of herbs and spices and plenty of recipes, you’ll have enough cheese to last you the lockdown and beyond, because this kit will last a full year. It’s got to brie worth a to try right?

DIY Synth Kit

You may be on lockdown but you can still turn the volume up by building your own synthesiser. Just put a kitchen pan on your head and you’re basically in Daft Punk. There’s no soldering required so just follow the instructions to create your musical instrument and before you know it, you’ll be living streaming your set to millions. Or at least one other person, probably your mum.

Gourmet S’mores Kit

Bring the campfire vibes inside with this s’mores kit from The Naked Marshmallow. As well as providing the chocolate, crackers, marshmallows, and skewers, the kit also contains a gel burner so you don’t even have to build your own fire.

Home Salmon Curing Kit

If you’re partial to some smoked salmon, maybe with eggs for brunch, then you can learn do it yourself with this XL curing kit from Ros & Ross. It contains six different curing mixes, including beetroot, dill & mustard, citrus, and sansho pepper….that lot should keep you supplied for a fair few brunches.