If there is was one good thing to come out of those lockdowns it was that we’re able to enjoy some of our favourite restaurants at home. And for those who have discovered how difficult it is to make your own dumplings, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts. Frozen dumplings are the easiest way to get your fix, even for the most amateur of cooks, and with a stash of these in your freezer any day can be a dumpling day. We’ve rounded up the best frozen dumplings for you to heat and eat at home.


You just can’t beat a good gyoza and now thanks to street food trader Rainbo, you can fill your freezer with them as they’ve just launched their Gyoza-At-Home delivery. Five varieties of gyoza – chicken, pork & Chinese chive, prawn, hoisin duck and shiitake mushroom – are available in freezer packs, alongside Rainbo’s own dipping sauce, chilli oil and excellent Japanese pickles. You cook the gyozas straight from frozen so it only takes a few minutes to have a plate of freshly steamed, crispy bottomed dumplings ready to eat. Londoners can get these on next-day delivery otherwise there’s a weekly nationwide delivery option, so order up a stash to make sure you’re ready for when the gyoza cravings strike.

Ding Dong Dim Sum

Ding Dong Dim Sum launched during lockdown by couple Tom and Maya, who noticed that dumplings don’t travel well when delivered. Ding Dong Dim Sum comes in meal kits for two or four and as well as lots of dumplings you’ll get sticky rice, carrot slaw and plenty of dips. Not everyone has a steamer at home so all deliveries from Ding Dong Dim Sum also come with their own biodegradable steamer, very handy. Ding Dong deliver nationwide (currently only on Weds, Thurs or Fri) but the dishes are all freezable so you can enjoy them any time.

Mai Dim Sum

Dumpling delivery service Mai Dim Sum are making 100% handmade dumplings using all-natural ingredients. You may be familiar with Mai Dim Sum as the company delivers both hot dumplings to us Londoners and cold dumplings nationwide to cook at home. Their at-home menu includes an assortment of dumpling boxes and sets, including vegan dumplings, sweet char sui bao boxes and prawn & bamboo har gau. You can also get a jar of Mai Dim Sum’s homemade chilli dipping sauce too. All of their cook at home deliveries come in eco-friendly frozen packages and are delivered within 2-3 days.

My Neighbours the Dumplings

First starting as a weekly pop-up in Clapton back in 2016, Hackney dumpling restaurants My Neighbours the Dumplings has now got quite the rep across London. Throughout the lockdown they made it easy for us to get our fix at home with their bags of frozen dumplings. You can collect the bags from both their Clapton and Victoria Park sites and flavours include lamb & coriander, pork & kaffir lime and roasted peanut, courgette & woodear mushrooms.

Tao Tao Ju

Whilst these aren’t frozen, you can still enjoy Tao Tao Ju’s dumplings in the comfort of your own home. The Chinese restaurant is expanding its delivery service on Deliveroo and taking over dark kitchens across the city, with plans to take on more in the new year. Tao Tao Ju has an extensive dumpling menu with steamed, grilled and fried dim sum for grabs, including prawn dumplings in spicy soup and beef tripe with ginger & spring onions.