Let’s face it, we miss the gym. But as well as the squat racks and smoothie bars, we miss the chats with gym friends, the banging playlists and the relentless encouragement from our favourite instructors at 6am.

So, while we wait for our sweaty havens to re-open, we’ve been getting our motivation fix by eavesdropping on the conversations of a few of our favourites in the fitness industry. Here’s a roundup of our top played podcasts…

The Bodcast with Chloe Madeley

You may know her as the daughter of Richard and Judy, but in recent years Chloe has very much made her own name in the world of health and fitness.  She is a bestselling author, qualified PT, and a nutrition coach. She uses her platform to dispel common myths in the industry, diving into everything from the science behind muscle gain, to the interplay of body image and mental health. Guests include professional athletes, performance coaches and a range fitness experts. We challenge you to listen to the episode with Dame Kelly Holmes and not convince yourself to train for the Olympics.

In a nutshell – a range of interesting topics that will leave you feeling like you’ve completed a mini qualification and help you understand the science behind your goals.

The James Smith Podcast

In the space of a few years, James Smith has gone from a Bracknell based personal trainer, to a globally renowned fitness coach, Sunday Times bestselling author and social media star. He’s famous for his straight-talking approach to fat loss (calorie f*cking deficit), his promotion of a genuinely balanced lifestyle and his zero tolerance of diet fads and skinny teas. Hallelujah. On his podcast James talks to experts in the world of fitness and motivation, as well as inviting us to be a fly on the wall for some really honest conversations with his best friends. Check out the episode with James Clear, a personal favourite that will change your life. (Big claim?)

In a nutshell – not for those who are easily offended, but full of truths you might need to hear.

The Power Hour with Adrienne Herbert

Adidas ambassador, competitive runner, TEDx speaker, personal trainer… we could go on. All round superwoman, Adrienne Herbert’s podcast aims to help us pursue our passions and achieve success. In The Power Hour she talks to a range of famous faces about their daily habits, morning routines and how they keep themselves on track amidst some of the curveballs that life has thrown at them.

Over the last few years Adrienne has spoken to an impressive line-up of inspirational people and covered everything from challenging your bias to finding confidence. There really is something for everyone.

In a nutshell – a dose of inspiration to help you think about how to achieve your goals, fitness related and beyond.

Fitness Unfiltered

Emma, Dan and Dr. Mike really know their stuff. These three experts from across the industry give us intelligent and relatable insights to a range of topics on health, fitness and nutrition. They speak to an impressive list of guests covering topics such as brain health, training through the menopause, and adapting to the new world of Zoom coaching. Do not fear, they keep things engaging, familiar and light-hearted, and have been known to digress into discussions about the best pop songs of the early noughties. Hanson came off surprisingly well.

In a nutshell – three genuine experts who take a range of big and sometimes controversial topics and make them accessible.

Hopefully these recommendations will keep you going through the final hurdle of lockdown. At the very least we’ve left you with no excuses to miss those 10,000 steps.