There are some pairings so iconic that the two parts just don’t make sense without each other; what is Ant without Dec? What is Elephant without Castle? And what are crisps without dip? It’s a humble combination but with boujee crisps and dips fancier than the organic hummus from Sainsbury’s, it can be elevated to an art form. These are the best crisps and dip in London right now.

Truffle Torres Crisps & Salmon Tartare at Bar Flounder

How do you make the most hipster crisps even more hipster? You tear open the bag and chuck a load of super fresh salmon tartare in there. John Javier first debuted this epic creation at Hackney fishmongers Fin and Flounder during a summer residency, and now they’ve got new spot Bar Flounder in Netil Market, this dish has become a perm fixture on the menu.

Bonilla a la Vista Crisps & Whipped Cod’s Roe at Cave Cuvée

Forget a bag of Walkers and an unnaturally pink pot of taramasalata, it’s all about Spanish Bonilla a la Vista crisps with whipped cod’s roe at Cave Cuvée, the wine bar underneath Top Cuvée‘s new Bethnal Green shop.

Stoney Street Crisps & Whipped Cod’s Roe at Stoney Street

The cod’s roe and crisp combo is clearly a popular one as it’s also made an appearance over at Stoney Street in Borough Market. Here it’s done with in-house crisps, trout caviar and Tabasco for an extra little kick.

Waffle Crisps & Miso Creme Fraiche at Chiltern Firehouse

Ridged for your pleasure, these big waffle crisps at Chiltern Firehouse are served with a side of miso creme fraiche for dunking – although at nine quid a pop you don’t want to be scoffing these too fast.

Bonilla a la Vista Crisps & Rosemary and White Bean Dip at Royale

Royale may serve up Provencal food but they like to dip with a Spanish crisp. They’ve done various different ones to go with Bonilla crisps since they opened, including an olive tapenade one, an anchovy & garlic one, and a rosemary & white bean one.

Crisps & Dip at Albie

Sour cream, chives and crispy shallots loaded right on top of crisps, the only other thing this little tub at Albie needs is a bottle (or two) of wine on the side.

Kettles & Beef Tartare at Mr Ji

Mr Ji takes one of the OG packets, Kettle’s lightly salted and teams them with Beef rump tartare, apple, fermented black bean dressing and fish roe. It’s a bit of a messy dippage sitch, but a boy is it a good one.

Crisps & Serrano Ham at Hector’s

Neighbourhood wine bar Hector’s knows how to pack ’em and stack ’em with their plates of crisps piled with serrano ham – just add wine and life is A-OK.

Totopos & Caviar at KOL Mezcaleria

Forget tortilla chips and guac, it’s all about totopos with Cornish caviar, creme fraiche and salsa at KOL Mezcaleria. Bring on the tequila and bring on the totopos.