The Best Coffee Subscriptions

Having coffee delivered to your house in the form of a regular subscription is nothing new of course, but with most people working from home as much as possible, many of us will be looking to sign up for the first time. Not only is this a convenient way to get coffee direct to your mug, you’ll also be able to support independent coffee roasters and buy a better quality of bean at the same time. Without further ado, these are the best coffee subscriptions in the UK…


London-based coffee biz CafePod is known for its Nespresso pods but now all of you without a machine can get in on the action thanks to its new ground coffee and whole bean range. There are six blends available as ground or bean, including Intense Roast, Daily Grind, and both a half-caff and decaf options, and you can mix and match up to four blends in each box. You can set your deliveries to arrive every two, four, six or eight weeks and you get a free tin when you subscribe too.


Colombian coffee roasters Hermanos, founded by siblings Victor and Santiago Gamboa and friend Adnan Millwala in Walthamstow in 2018, has since grown to nine coffee shops across London. You can also get your Hermanos fix at home thanks to their two coffee subscriptions; the Classic Coffee Subscription, featuring a range of single origin coffees, like El Fresno, Belen, and Hoyo Frio, from different farmers and regions of Colombia, and the more premium Exotic Coffee Subscription, which includes a handpicked selection of exotic beans like Koji, Pijao Gesha, and San Odolfo. So if you want to explore all the styles of coffee Colombia has to offer, Hermanos is the brand for you.

Ueshima Coffee Company

Unfamiliar with Japanese coffee? Ueshima Coffee Company is here to change that. Japan’s number one coffee brand, which has been brewing since 1933, has launched in the UK with its three expertly crafted blends. The medium roast Tokyo Roast, the signature House Blend and the dark roast Fuji Mountain are all bold, smooth and low in acidity. Once you’ve found your fave blend, you can choose subscriptions for beans, ground coffee, Nespresso pods or coffee bags, and have them arrive every one, two, three or four weeks, so you stay fully stocked.

Artisan Coffee Co. Half-Caf Blend

Want to have a caffeine-fuelled boost of energy but not into the jitters? Or know you drink too much coffee and don’t want to cut down or go full decaf? Artisan Coffee Co. has the solution: half-caf coffee. With just 50% of the caffeine content of a regular coffee, but all the flavour, The Libra blend is chemical free and decaffeinated using only Swiss water. Plus, it now comes in Nespresso-compatable pods so it’s even easier to dose down on the caf.

Blue Coffee Box

With a Blue Coffee Box, you’ll get to try high-quality and high-flavour 100% arabica coffee from around the world that’s ethically sourced. Using the Direct Trade model, Blue Coffee deals directly with farmers who are paid 30% more than Fairtrade prices as a result. Choose between whole beans or pre-ground, light, medium or dark roast, and fortnightly, monthly, or bi-monthly deliveries. And, as an added bonus, the coffee is delivered in letterbox-friendly EcoBoxes that are fully compostable – so you don’t have to worry about packaging waste.

Origin Coffee

Whether you’re in the mood for something familiar, or something more adventurous, Origin Coffee has got you covered. With their weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription, you can choose to either receive coffee from their mainstay range (including Resolute, Stronghold and Pathfinder blends) or pick the feature subscription which sends out a different blend from around the world each time. Whichever you choose, you can be sure you’re getting delicious speciality coffee straight to your door.

Caravan Coffee Roasters

Caravan has been making some of the best coffee in town for years and now there’s an even easier way to get a Caravan fix at home thanks to their new range of compostable pods. There are three varieties of pod – the full-bodied but smooth Daily Blend with notes of dark chocolate and baking spices; the Market Blend, which is Caravan’s signature organic espresso blend with honeycomb and red apple notes; and the Decaf, a sweet and clean blend with brownie and maple syrup notes that’s just as tasty as the caffeinated ones. Find out which one you like best with a combo pack and then you can get your fave on subscription.


There are SO many new coffees and roasting styles to try, which as exciting as it is makes it a tad tricky to know where to start, well that’s where Batch comes in. These guys have sampled, slurped and sipped some of the best micro-roasters in the biz before sending ’em out for the rest of us to try. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee drinker or new to the scene, looking for a fortnightly dose or happy with one a month – Batch is an excellent addition to the coffee subscription line-up.


There’s no better way to rise and shine than with a Rise coffee subscription. Each box features two new speciality coffee blends from different UK roasters, alongside stories from the roasters themselves and brewing tips (because these guys take their bean-business seriously). Rise also throws in an extra treat from an up-and-coming food and drink brand that they love, as well as package it all in recyclable materials to show some love to the planet too.


Family-run biz Piqant is all about championing independent roasters across the UK, many of whom don’t have a big online presence, making it easier for you to discover great coffee that you might not otherwise find. If you’ve got a particular fave, you can go for the single coffee subscription and get that one delivered on the regs until that seasonal one comes to an end. If you like to be surprised, there’s the taste profile subscription where you’ll get a different coffee every time that’s been matched to your preferences.

Good Brew

No more sh*t coffee, that’s what Good Brew promises and that’s what they deliver. Partnering with some of the UK and Europe’s most exciting independent roasters, the Good Brew monthly subscription includes two bags of speciality coffee expertly curated and taste tested. Featuring the likes of Peckham’s Old Spike, Hackney’s Dark Arts, Clapton’s Mission Coffee Works and so many others. Just tell them how you drink it and rest easy knowing your monthly coffee supply will be delivered to your doorstep each month.


WatchHouse is one of the best places to get coffee in London but now you can replicate that same modern coffee experience at home thanks to the WatchHouse.YourHouse subscription service. You can choose between the 1829 house blend or the Roaster’s Spotlight, which is a rotation of seasonal varieties, and both are available for eight different types of brewing equipment with weekly, fortnightly and monthly subscriptions. WatchHouse is known for its design as well as its coffee, so the packaging is on point, and they can deliver around the world meaning it’s a great gift option too.

Perky Blenders

Apart from being great with puns, East London roastery Perky Blenders is also great with coffee. They turn out Great Taste Award-winning coffee from their Leytonstone HQ. You can get your hands on the stuff at one of their cafes or you can have the coffee come to you via their Coffee Club. There are three, six or twelve month options, where you get a bag of their fresh roasted coffee (the choice of Forest Blend, Decaf, Single Origin or Coffee of the Month) delivered each month, and you pay for it all up front so you don’t have to think about anything other than drinking the stuff.

The Roasting Shed

Hackney Wick’s The Roasting Shed specialises in small batch hand roasted coffee with a fully traceable supply chain and you can stay well stocked with their weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscriptions. You can specify whether you want espresso or decaf, or you can go for the surprise option and receive a different coffee from their current seasonal range each time.

Kiss the Hippo
Kiss the Hippo

Kiss the Hippo, which has coffee shops in Fitzrovia and Richmond, recently launched its subscription service, Kiss the Hippo at Home. The coffee is carbon neutrally roasted in-house, before being delivered to your home through your letterbox in flat boxes. There’s a range of beans, from single origin to blends, and you can even snag a free bag as a little welcome gift when you sign up.

craft coffee club
Craft Coffee Club

If you like to mix things up and try new things, then Craft Coffee Club is going to be the one for you. Working with independent coffee farmers and roasters around the world, each month you’ll receive two bags of coffee from somewhere new, plus a selection of other treats and a magazine with the details on the coffee, the partners and tasting/brewing notes. The team taste test hundreds of coffees so you know they’re only going to send you the very best. Plus, each new subscription gives a donation back to the communities where the beans are sourced.

Hundred House Coffee
Hundred House Coffee 

YBF nominee Hundred House Coffee is a speciality coffee roaster based in Shropshire. Having won tons of awards for their coffees which are sourced from independent small holds around the world, you know you’re in good hands for your morning coffee with Hundred House. For their subscription service, you can choose to pre-pay for a certain amount of time or pay monthly on a rolling basis. You also get to choose whether you want two single origin coffees each month or one of their four seasonal blends.

Long & Short Coffee

Long & Short Coffee, a micro-roastery based in East London, specialises in fairtrade, single-origin, 85+ coffee (basically that’s very high standard coffee), roasted in small batches to preserve the freshness and flavour. As well as selling individual bags of coffee (beans or ground), Long & Short also has a subscription service called The Narrative, which costs a tenner on either a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. The team will choose what bag coffee you get, with exclusive and extra special lots being thrown in from time to time too.

Wood St Coffee

After starting out as a market stall in 2014, Wood St Coffee has grown into a cafe and roastery in Walthamstow producing small-batch single origin coffees. They’re helping you stay caffeinated at home with their subscription service – you choose from the seasonal espresso or filter coffee (the rotating selection includes Tano Ndogo from Kenya and La Estrella del Ostro from Colombia), pick the grind and weight you want, and it’ll arrive on your doorstep every two weeks.

Mont 58 Coffee

Mont 58 launched two years ago by couple Maya and Shai Eilon. The craft coffee roasters are based in South-East London and send a different coffee each month to your door. All the coffees used by Mont 58 are small-batch roasted and fair-trade, with coffees from around the world including Mexico and Guatemala. Subscriptions start at £7.52 per delivery and they are all sent in eco-friendly packaging.

Two Chimps Coffee

Two Chimps Coffee are an ethical, climate-positive roastery who are demystifying the world of speciality coffee and making home-brewing easy. You can choose your ideal flavour profile, from apple, raisin and toffee, to dark chocolate, lemon and strawberry – or, surprise yourself each time with a mystery coffee. Then, they source their ethical, single-origin beans from like-minded producers, hand roast them at their base in Rutland and ship either the whole or ground beans straight to you. See? Easy.