Are the Christmas sandwiches the best bit of the festive season? Probably. It’s time of year when eating sarnie after sarnie for lunch is totally acceptable and there seems to be more than ever doing the rounds this year. We’ve done the taste testing and this is our selection of the best of the best.

Visions Canteen

God we love Visions Canteen. These guys make ridiculously good sandwiches all year round including weekly specials. So it’s no surprise that their Christmas sandwich is an absolute banger. We’re talking roast turkey, parsnip purée, brussel sprouts with bacon, red cabbage cooked with orange, cinnamon and red wine cranberry sauce, chicken skin salt – on toasted white bread with brown butter. Oh and a side pot of a gravy for dipping.

31 New Inn Yard, Hackney, London EC2A 3EY

Sons + Daughters

A white bloomer, roasted turkey breast, a marsala gravy ‘moistmaker’ (that’s a slice of granary bread soaked in marsala gravy), with pickled red cabbage, spicy cranberry-smoked ham, XO sauce, and watercress. We need a lay down.

Unit 119A, Lower Stable Street, Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross, N1C 4DQ

All About The Sprout Sandwich | PAUL

PAUL has a colourful limited edition sandwich that is VEGAN. If you don’t like sprouts, look away now (and what’s wrong with you!). Inside you have PAUL sage, onion & cranberry bread, roasted Brussels sprouts, hummus, fresh spinach, grilled carrots, sweet chestnuts, pickled red cabbage, PAUL orange jam and old English chutney. Don’t eat this at your desk unless you have a well ventilated office space. Thank you.

Various locations

Festive Full Works Bloomer | EAT.

EAT definitely don’t skimp on the fillings – this baby has turkey, smoked ham and pork stuffing in there along with the cranberry sauce and chicken stock mayo. You may have to dislocate your jaw to get it all in.

Various locations

Christmas Lunch | Pret a Manger

Pret always turns out a reliable Christmas sandwich. The ratio of fillings to bread is on point, so it doesn’t fall apart when you wrap your chops around it, and the port & orange cranberry sauce isn’t overly sweet. We’d normally go for the baguette over the sarnie – bigger is better after all – though our test one was lacking in the crispy onion department (which everyone knows is the best bit) so we had to settle for the smaller option.

Various locations

GAIL’s Bakery

We know what you’re thinking – it looks a little flat. You never judge a book by its cover and you should therefore never judge a sandwich by its height. This is a bad boy, a smoked turkey and cheese on sourdough that has a healthy smearing of chipotle aioli along with homemade bacon jam rocking in at £5.20. The only disappointment being we finished to soon. Learn from us and savour this sweet tasting Christmas sandwich. Ten chews, swallow, ten chews, swallow.

Various locations