As you would expect from an iconic European capital city, London is home to some of the biggest and best restaurants in the world. It also has some of the most luxurious and exclusive casinos on the international stage. Therefore, it is only normal that these two ventures have some crossover in the city.

The combination of these two industries is a business model that has been successful in other locations worldwide, including Las Vegas. Some of the world’s top restaurateurs and casino operators aim to combine their skills to create a highly profitable business.

Nowadays, land based casinos face stiff competition from their online counterparts. The increased availability of high speed internet combined with modern technology allows online casino sites to accurately recreate casino games for users in the comfort of their own homes. Some of the best online casino sites can even offer live dealer games to potential online players, giving them a significant edge when competing with land-based casinos. 

In order to keep ahead of the online competition, land-based casinos aim to offer additional services on top of their games, such as food, music, and other entertainment options. Below we will take a look at the two Casinos that have the best restaurants in London.

The Hippodrome

If you have scouted the English capital looking for the best casino restaurants, then you will likely have heard the Hippodrome mentioned on several occasions. Both the casino and the combined Heliot restaurant are renowned for the high level of service they offer customers. 

Situated not far from Covent Garden and Leicester Square, it is one of the jewels of entertainment in central London. For those looking to dabble in a game of blackjack or poker, and feast on the award-winning steaks courtesy of Executive Chef Ioannis Grammenos, the Hippodrome has a considerable amount to offer. Famous for its incredible views and sensational cuisine which offers a range of the finest dishes, there is more than enough to keep you occupied. 

The menu includes both meat-based and vegetarian meals. In addition, the casino restaurant has an extensive list of drinks to choose from.  London is often cited as a “world city”, and instead of competing with other English restaurants, businesses in the city take aim at other world cities such as Paris and New York. Not only is the Hippodrome one of the top casino restaurants anywhere in Europe but it is also considered one of the best in the world. 

The Ritz

Specializing in high-class cuisine, the Ritz has been featured in many of end-of-year lists as one of the best restaurants in the UK. With a sensational view of Green Park and other London landmarks, the Michelin-starred restaurant leaves no stone unturned when it comes to producing a variety of choice for all taste buds.

Head chef John Williams is revered in the industry for his professionalism, and he reached a pinnacle that many top chefs never will when he was awarded the coveted Michelin star.

The Ritz has been featured in many top movies but its appearance in James Bond films helped it gain further international recognition. James Bond has been known to place a bet from time to time, and his gambling prowess has been the overarching theme for some of the most fascinating scenes in the history of the world-famous franchise.

If you have satisfied your stomach and fancy a game of blackjack – like 007 himself – you can take a trip to the luxury casino floor and try your hand at Bond’s infamous card game of choice.


When it comes to the best casino restaurant in London, it is considered a coin toss between the two we mentioned today. Although the Hippodrome is regarded as the better casino restaurant of the two, the Ritz is more well-known for its food and glamorous name.  It all boils down to personal preference. You’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who visited either of these establishments and had an issue with the quality of the service. Neither establishment is cheap, and you shouldn’t expect them to be, given their locations and the consistently high standards they seek to achieve.

With many digital providers making ample profits in the casino industry, combining casinos and restaurants could be a move that pays dividends. It is still considered a niche market but as people look for a different experience, they could well take a bigger slice of the industry.