London’s Only Louisiana-Style Crayfish Boil Is Back

Join Crayfish Bob and the team at Bermondsey-based meadery Gosnells of London for a Louisiana-style crayfish boil. In case you didn’t know, there’s an invasive species of crawfish living in lakes, rivers and canals throughout the UK and Crayfish Bob is the (now legendary) removal expert leading to the fight against them. Signal crayfish are native to the USA but were brought over here in 1976 as they were a fashionable – and delicious – seafood at the time. Since then, they’ve wreaked havoc on local wildlife, eating up all the plants in the watercourse (as well as the smaller animals) and endangering the native white-clawed crayfish.

Luckily, the reason they landed here in the first place can also be our best defence against them and Crayfish Bob’s proposed solution to bringing the ‘signal’ population down is simply to eat them. He regularly holds crayfish feasts throughout the city and he’ll be at Gosnells all summer, cooking up a weekly boil flavoured with cayenne pepper, paprika, onions, garlic, crayfish, corn, potatoes and spicy sausage. Do some good for the local ecosystem – grab your tix below.

Thursdays from 4th July – 10th October 2024
Gosnells Meadery Taproom, 72 Enid Street, London SE16 3RA