Reset Your Body With the AXO Method

It’s important to know that if you are on the look out for a soft gentle massage with a soundtrack of relaxing sea sounds, then the AXO Method probably isn’t for you

If however you subscribe to the idea of massage as therapy, and are willing to go through a bit of pain for some serious gain, then listen up as this might just be the best treatment I’ve ever had. 

The AXO Method was founded by Guillaume Guibordeau and incorporates three main elements: Osteopathic Scooping; Passive Stretching; and Lymphatic Drainage. Guillaume is a charming therapist and lets you know exactly what processes are going to happen and explains in detail the benefits of each technique. 

The good news is that some of the most painful parts of the session come at the very beginning, so once you’re through it everything becomes much easier. And it should be said that if you have multiple sessions then it’s not as bad as when your body is at its most out of shape in the first session. 

First up, you’ll likely have Osteopathic Scooping around the abdomen, which is crucial to unlocking the rest of the body. This manual scooping massage technique, rooted in osteopathic principles, releases tensions and improves circulation to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. It can feel pretty punchy around all that soft tissue but you can feel the tension draining out of you almost immediately. It’s used on other areas of the body too, but around the diaphragm and stomach is always going to be the most sensitive. 

Your body stores all sorts of toxins from alcohol, diet and pollution and this can make you feel heavy and lethargic. The Lymphatic Drainage part of the treatment will really help with this – it’s a specialised massage technique employed to stimulate the lymphatic system, which removes waste products, toxins, and excess fluid from the body. This process supports immune function and hormone regulation, promoting detoxification and hormonal balance.

The final part of the treatment is passive stretching, whereby Guillaume will click and stretch you into a few different positions, helping to immediately alleviate major areas of tightness and blockage. These techniques enhance flexibility, relieve muscle tension, and improve joint mobility. I regained several degrees of motion in my neck on both sides with just a simple couple of stretches and clicks of the spine.

The AXO Method is very popular amongst sportspeople and athletes as it can really help with their recovery and overall health – but honestly I think it’s absolutely beneficial for everyone. It’s the best treatment I’ve ever had and I’m definitely no athlete. 

I hesitate to describe the AXO Method as a magic bullet but the difference I felt after a 70-minute treatment was quite remarkable. I felt so relaxed, lighter, and healthier, and still do a week later. There is absolutely no doubt that I’ll be signing up for regular treatments as the benefits are just so clear to see. So if you’re feeling as though your body could do with a total holistic reset, we cannot recommend Guillaume and the AXO Method enough.

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