thanks a bunch | a florist from cadbury’s

Fresh off the news that Quality Street has launched a DIY tin comes Cadburys free ‘Thanks a Bunch’ florist shop. The shop takes three Cadbury’s Roses chocolates and makes them into a bunch of flowers. These amazing creations are put together by Augustus Bloom, a legendary London florist which includes Golden Barrel, Signature Truffle and classic Caramel. But where are the strawberry and tangy orange at?

The best news is that they are FREE, yes completely no strings attached. Just write in your message of thanks to someone who you want to show your appreciation to (cough cough, hello…over here) and there you have it, Cadbury bouquets and single stem Cadbury Roses ‘Roses’. This is only available for TWO days only, so make it count people.

Wed 10th – Sat 13th October 2018, 12pm – 6pm
Soho Square, Soho, London W1D 4NR