If you’re not heading out to celebrate National Margarita Day (it’s 22nd February, mark your calendars accordingly), you can still get in on the action at home. We’ve rounded up the best tequilas for those of you who want to shake up your own cocktails and the best pre-bottled margs for those of you who want someone else to do all the work for you. CHEERS.

Tiempo Tequila

Tiempo is made from 100% blue agave and filtered through charcoal after it’s been in the barrel, resulting in a bang-on balance of complex flavours and lighter floral notes. Mix it up, drink it neat, it just works.



Created by a London based two-woman team, Pimentae is bottling the magic of Mexico and letting us get a sip of it too with their Tommy’s Chilli Margarita. It’s a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy and the perfect marg for Margarita Day.


Maestro Dobel

This baller bottle is the world’s first Cristalino, multi-aged tequila. In layman’s terms it means Maestro Dobel Diamante is super smooth on the buds. Great in cocktails, so shake up those margs or you can drink it neat (sip, NOT shot – you ain’t El Chapo, no matter how much Narcos you watch).


El Rayo

If you like more of a smoky tequila, then El Rayo Reposado rested in ex-whisky barrels is a good choice. Or if you want the stuff straight from the stills, go for the Plata. Either way, you’ve got a smooth, light tequila on your hands, which’ll work perfectly in a marg.


The Bottle Cocktail Shop

Try Homeboy’s take on the classic with the Marga-Rita-Ora, available from their very own Bottle Cocktail Shop. Made with reposado tequila, it’s given a little twist with the addition of apricot liqueur. Who’s feeling fruity then?


Tayer + Elementary

Owned by world class bartenders Alex Kratena and Monica Berg, Old Street’s Tayer + Elementary cocktail bar has been batching up their tasty cocktails for you to enjoy at home. Their pre-bottled Bergamot Margarita is refreshing and at 23.1% abv packs a punch.


Black Lines

Missing getting your Picante fix at Soho House? Don’t worry cocktail company Black Lines have put a spicy kick to their pre-bottled Tommy’s Margarita. Garnish with extra chilli if you’re looking to spice things up even more.



Premium tequila VIVIR uses 100% Weber Blue agave and natural volcanic spring water to make its tequila, finishing the reposado and anejo expressions in American-oak ex-bourbon barrels to add extra earthiness and depth. It’ll take your margs to a new level.