London is one of the world’s most powerful global cities, enjoying top status in various areas, including commerce and finance, health care, education, science and technology, tourism, as well as arts and entertainment. It boasts the biggest urban economy in Europe and has been dubbed the city with the most number of millionaires in 2021. 

London deserves a place on everyone’s travel bucket list because of its global dominance, but what makes it truly special and unique are its people who are referred to as the “Londoners”. Interestingly, Londoners possess some characteristics that distinguish them from other locals. 

True-blooded Londoners are easy to spot even in the way they walk or talk. Here are some of their typical idiosyncrasies:

Walking Too Fast

This always tops the list when it comes to identifying a Londoner. If you know anyone born and raised here – you probably already know that they’re a bunch of fast walkers who get peeved off if anyone stands in their way. But there’s nothing to be ashamed of, because their walking style pretty much reflects the pace of life in the city.  

Always Running for the Tube

Londoners are also easily distinguished by their behavior on the tube. They treat each tube ride like the last remaining one to ever exist. They’re willing to ignore “No entry” signs just to get to the platform first, and they hate it when the tube is delayed even for one minute.

Spending Time At Online Casinos

Just like hanging out at pubs, playing at online casinos is also one of the things Londoners enjoy doing. This doesn’t require a lengthy explanation because Brits have always loved to gamble, plus they have a regulated online gambling market which means they can play at licensed online casinos anytime they want, at the comfort of their homes. Online slots are a top favorite among Londoners, but they also play a wide range of casino games, including blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.  

It’s far from a secret that the British love a good game of slots. This is true now more than ever, especially considering the fact that land-based entertainment had been unavailable for quite a while due to COVID-19. Online gambling was already popular during the pre-pandemic era, but it has soared at unprecedented levels post-pandemic, both in popularity and people’s use. Its no surprise sites like are seeing thousands of visitors per day looking for new online casinos offering no deposit bonuses.

Avoiding Conversations

Don’t ever attempt to talk to a Londoner on the Tube or anywhere else especially if you’re strangers, because they’ll employ every possible tactic, including preventing eye contact, just to avoid conversations. When you try to engage them in a conversation, they’ll make you forget that you existed, but you should just take it with a pinch of salt. Londoners are simply like that – they honor personal space. 

Avoiding Central London During Weekends

As much as possible, Londoners avoid the central part of the city on weekends, and we can only speculate on the reasons. This is mostly because of the traffic congestion, the pollution, or the hassles associated with it being saturated with tourists, vehicles, buildings, and the weekend rush.

Engaging in the North-South Debate

If there’s one topic all Londoners would be interested to talk about, it’s the North-South debate. North Londoners hate South Londoners and vice-versa and they can engage in an endless debate to prove which is better – North or South. 

Pubbing After Work

This one right here is understandable. Londoners have a long-standing relationship with pubs. After work, pubs easily become the next destination for them. That comes naturally to Londoners and all British people in general, given that pubs originated in Britain, with the oldest ones introduced by the Romans centuries ago. 

Making the Most of Mr. Sun

Since it’s usually gloomy and rainy in London, if you’re a true Londoner, you’ll know how important it is to take advantage of the sunny weather even if it lasts for just a few hours. If you see someone sunbathing at 2 pm on any day in March, or eagerly goes out and lays on the grass even when there’s just one sun ray, chances are you are a Londoner.