You’ve completed Netflix, baked enough banana bread to last a lifetime and cleaned your house from top to bottom, so now how are you gonna pass the time? Enter MoMA. The NYC Museum of Modern Art has launched a series of free online courses, so you can learn how to critically appreciate art and design (meaning you can really show off next time you go to a gallery). Check out the courses below:

Fashion as Design – through analysis of various types of garments, this course covers the life cycle of clothing, sustainability and labour practices, and the relationship between clothing and identity.

What is Contemporary Art? – as well as analysing 70 works made between 1980 and today, you’ll hear from artists and designers on their creative processes and inspirations, so you can understand how artists work and how art is related to questions of our time.

Seeing Through Photography – this course will help you to understand the influence of context on photography, to learn about how the medium has been used throughout history and develop a critical approach to images. Plus it might EVEN help with those insta shots #justsaying

Modern Art & Ideas – learn how artists work and how they use objects to challenge ideas about what constitutes art through interviews with artists, designers and curators.

In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting – this course takes a deep dive into artists from the New York School, including Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Yayoi Kusama, so you can learn about their techniques and also understand their work within cultural and historical context.

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