Fancy going on an immersive trip without even having to open your eyes (and without any substances involved)? That’s exactly what you can do with Dreamachine. Created by Collective Act in collaboration with Turner Prize-winning artists Assemble and Grammy-nominated composer Jon Hopkins, and inspired by Brion Gysin’s 1959 artwork that was designed to be experienced with your eyes closed, Dreamachine uses strobe lighting and 360-degree sound to let you explore the potential of your own mind. You sit back, close your eyes and let the experience unfold – you could see patterns, landscapes and shifting colours, you might feel like you’re in space or riding a rollercoaster, you could fall asleep or things could get mad trippy, it’s totally different for everyone as it’s your brain reacting to the stimulation. And it’s totally FREE to have a go, so get yourself down to Woolwich Public Market to see what you could see.

Until Sun 24th July 2022
Woolwich Public Market, Plumstead Road, London, SE18 7BZ