swap knick-knacks for chocolate at the cadbury’s newsagents

Money’s always a little tight in January but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a little treat, like a bar of Dairy Milk, now and then. Luckily Cadbury is helping us out with their pop-up Glass and a Half newsagents in Soho. Inspired by their latest TV ad, rather than paying for a bar of chocolate with money, you can use any old knick-knacks or trinkets you happen to have on you. A dodgy keyring, a weird button you’ve had in your purse for ages or an old earring, they’re all valid forms of payment, so root around your pockets and pop on down to claim that choccy.

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Thurs 25th – Sun 28th January 2018, 10am – 6pm
57 Greek Street, London, W1D 3DX