We’re all about recycling and know that food waste is bad, but do we really understand the full impact the beauty industry has on our environment? News flash – it ain’t good. So from plastic-free products to cruelty-free makeup this is our eco-friendly wish list for planet-friendly beauty saviours.


Protect your skin from the winter weather with Farmacy’s Honey range of products. Infused with honey (which has natural antioxidant and antibacterial properties) from their own bee farm, along with ceramides and vitamins, the collection is super cleansing, hydrating and nourishing. Farmacy is all about farm-to-face skincare, so the products are free from parabens, sulfates, SLS and SLES, phthalates, and mineral oils, and all come in recycled and recyclable packaging.

Percy & Reed

We love shampoo bars but some of them just don’t foam the way a liquid formula does but this Percy & Reed bar has no such problems. It lathers right up in seconds so you can really work it into your hair, and the avocado oil and vitamin E delivers nourishment and shine without leaving any residue behind. Being a bar, it’s plastic free and zero waste and it’s also free from parabens, SLS and silcones, and it’s vegan-friendly too so it’s ticking all the boxes.


You may already be getting wonky fruit delivered in your fruit and veg boxes but did you know you can also get wonky fruit in your skincare? Ethical brand FRUU takes fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste and turned it into cosmetics, saving it from the bin and providing extra revenue for fruit farmers. And with the FRUU Solids range, which includes shampoo bars, face cleansers and shower blocks (all PETA approved and in recyclable packagaing), they’re taking plastic and water out of the equation too, making them even more sustainable.


The Everyday Glow Serum from NAYA makes use of cacay oil, a powerhouse ingredient from the Amazon rainforest (which is sustainably and ethically sourced) to nourish and plump the skin, giving you a fresh dewy glow. The serum comes in biodegradable, mushroom-made packaging and when you buy anything from NAYA, you’re supporting Tierra Radiante, their regenerative project that gives back to indigenous communities in Colombia.

Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis is leading the way when it comes to refillable cosmetics – all of their products are made with either a certified organic or certified natural formula, and you can choose to have the products packaged in the refillable metal compacts or in recyclable, refillable and biodegradable Red Edition packaging. As well as delivering on the sustainable front, the products work too; this blush adds dewy colour that melts into the skin for a natural look.


Happier Toothpaste

Happier Toothpaste, from sustainable beauty brand Happier Beauty, is working to tackle the amount of plastic waste caused by single-use plastic toothpaste tubes by using 100% recyclable aluminium for their tubes. The stuff inside is good for you too – the formulation uses 100% natural flavours and is vegan and cruelty-free.

From £12

Nail Kind Natural Nail Polishes

On the hunt for an eco-friendly nail polish that’s kind to you and your nails? Nail Kind let’s you add a pop of colour to the tips of your fingers without compromising on ethics. Their range is not only vegan and cruelty-free, but made with up to 85% bio-sourced mineral ingredients that quickly dry too. So whether you wanna go bold or keep them subtle, their impressive colour collection has got something for everyone. We’ll take the lot, please.

From £8.95

Wild Soap Bars

Wild are known (and loved) for their zero-plastic deodorants and now they’re adding another plastic-free product to the range. These new soap bars are packed full of natural ingredients, as well as being free from all the nasties like detergents, synthetic ingredients and parabens. And with three scents to choose from including lavender; orange zest; and Jasmine and mandarin blossom, they’re an easy eco-friendly bathroom swap to make.

From £12

Centred Shampoo Bar

Enriched with orange flower water and aloe vera, this solid shampoo bar has been designed to strengthen our hair whilst also making it shine and mega moisturised too. It’s naturally scented, so it’s great for sensitive scalps, as well as being vegan, plastic free and made from 98% plant based ingredients. Each little bar lasts for up to 60 washes (so you’re saving two plastic bottles) and thanks to the coconut based cleanser, this one really foams up meaning you can lather it all over your locks.


Sugar Coated At-Home Waxing

We’ve been championing sugaring for a while now, and after a failed attempt at making our own at home during the first lockdown, we’re happy to report we’ve now found some ready made sugar wax. It’s 100% natural (made from just sugar and water) and completely biodegradable. That’s right, the sugar melts with warm water making it easily disposed of down the drain without causing any harm to the environment and great for when you get sticky hands. These guys also donate their excess sugar syrup to local beekeepers, so when it’s too cold outside for the bees to produce honey, they can use sugar syrup as a substitute.


IKON Eau De Parfum

This range of natural fragrances are not only made from environmentally sourced ingredients, but they’re also boxed up in compostable packaging and recyclable glass bottles. The collection is exclusive to The Fragrance Shop and includes six different unisex scents including a bold patchouli & black oud, a floral jasmine & neroli and one with notes of coffee & caramel.


8.7 Living Bamboo Makeup Pads

It always feels like such a waste using cotton pads when removing makeup, so these reusable and washable soft pads made from bamboo are the miracle our beauty kit needed. The set also comes with a headband to keep your hair off your face whilst in the midst of a pampering sesh.


Estrid Razor

Estrid are a Scandinavian, female-first Vegan razor brand, making hair removal pain-free on the skin, wallet and planet. Their starter kits include a steel razor handle, wall mount and two 5-blade cartridge refills. What we like is they come in a range of colours to suit every personality .. or bathroom.