Sushi Tetsu, the seven seat sushi bar in Farringdon AKA the hardest restaurant to get into in London, is now doing takeaway orders. AMEN. It’s known for serving up the best sushi in London and with only two sittings a night, plus the fact that you have to ring at certain times on particular days to book, it’s very difficult to actually bag a reservation.

We’ve called so many times trying to get a ressie or last minute table, and we even have Twitter alerts set up because they tweet cancellations, and we still haven’t had any luck. So this new takeaway set up could be yours (and our) best chance to finally try Sushi Tetsu – although you have to email them for info on how to place an order so we suspect even this way isn’t that straightforward!

12 Jerusalem Passage, Farringdon, London, EC1V 4JP