What’s the vibe?

Sushi on Jones, who’s slogan is “less talk more eat” doesn’t really do atmosphere. This tiny outdoor sushi kitchen at The Bowery Market has 6 seats and not a lot else – that’s alright though because you’re eat some of the best sushi in New York. You have to book in advance by texting the number on their website and reservation slots are limited to just 30 minutes so it’s really not a place for catching up with a long lost friend.

Sushi on Jones

What to order?

There’s two menu choices at Sushi on Jones – 12 pieces of sushi for $58 and 15 for $85. That may not sound like good value but in a city where a good value sushi meal is usually around the $100 mark and goes all the way up to the $400 mark then Sushi on Jones is giving a lot of bang for your buck. The prices also include service charge already so it really is a relative steal.

They mean it with the 30 minute slot so the sushi comes piece by piece, very quickly, which we actually quite liked. Things obviously change around depending no what they pick up at the markets but every piece really was superb, from the lightly blowtorched salmon to the uni, and toro hand roll. If you’re a sushi fan and don’t mind the set up Sushi on Jones is definitely one of the best in NY.

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