They’re two foods that certainly don’t sound like they belong together yet here they are in Sushi Cupcake, which is opening in Holborn in December. Taking over the former site of The Dayrooms Cafe, Sushi Cupcake is billing itself as a JapaneseItalian fusion cafe, although it definitely leans towards the former rather than the latter.

As well as the namesake sushi cupcakes, which come with fillings like salmon tartare & edamame, tofu & shiitake, and tuna tartare & avocado (the rice is on the bottom, like the cake part, with the rest on top like the icing), the menu includes noodle bowls, gyoza, agedashi tofu and takoyaki. You can also get mochi, dorayaki, black sesame ice cream and a range of matcha puddings, alongside smoothies, teas and coffees, which is presumably where the Italian part comes in.

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Opens December 2019
10 Theobalds Rd, London WC1X 8PN