We’re used to fast food chains from overseas setting up shop in London – we’ve had the Halal Guys, Eggslut and Wingstop from the States, CoCo Ichibanya from Japan, Fafa’s is coming from Finland, and now Irish chain Supermac’s is hopping over to our shores. There are already over 100 outlets in Ireland and the chain was behind the EU’s decision to revoke McDonald’s ‘Big Mac’ European trademark. Now Supermac’s team have plans to open a bunch in London before spreading out across the country.

It’s all very vague at this point – the first Surpermac’s is expected to open within the next year, somewhere in the capital – and we don’t know what the menu will be, but we’re expecting the Mighty Mac, the Smokey Bacon Burger and their range of loaded fries (they do curry and cheese ones, coleslaw ones and taco ones) to make an appearance.

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