Chef Andrew Le and his father are opening a new sushi bar inside the popular market

Cucumber Alley inside Seven Dials Market is home to seven up-and-coming indie food businesses, including Ong Ong Buns and Wheelcake Island, and now another one is joining the roster. Sukoshi Sushi is taking up the corner spot in the alley with a sushi bar where chefs will be preparing sushi and sashimi to order and seating for 12 people.

As well as Andrew Le and his father, the Sukoshi Sushi team is made up of a team of highly-skilled chefs who’ve worked in some of the best sushi restaurants in London, and they’ll be making use of the best fresh ingredients to make dishes like:

  • tuna, salmon and avocado hosomaki
  • salmon, hiramasa and tuna nigiri, sashimi and tataki
  • prawn tempura, salmon & avo and spicy tuna uramaki
  • kataifi prawns with sweet chilli mayo
  • crunchy salmon and crunchy tuna rolls with asparagus and tempura flakes
  • steamed prawn shumai with soy dipping sauce

As well as making everything fresh, Sukoshi Sushi is committed to making sushi affordable so it sounds like it’ll be a great lunch spot.

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Opens Mon 18th September 2023
Seven Dials Market, 35 Earlham Street, London WC2H 9LD