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Imagine a world where pilates, plyometrics, yoga and dance are combined into routines set to loud pop music, and where every day feels like Friday. Welcome to the world of Popfit, where Royal Ballet-trained dancer Stephanie Burrows had merged the best bits of each of these disciplines into a workout, without the need for any equipment, for you to literally rock your socks off…oh and it’s bloody fun too.

Where do you live in London and what do you like about the area?

I live in London Fields and absolutely love this area of London. There are fabulous restaurants, cafes and local businesses that all seem to really care about what they’re doing. There is a lovely atmosphere and spirit which is so unique to East London. Broadway Market and the park are always buzzing with energy and people are friendly. I love it here.

Popfit brings Dance to London Fields

Tell us how you created the POPFit method and how the different classes work.

POPfit is about combining music and fitness. I set out to create a method of fitness from a dancer’s perspective which is really about connecting your body and your mind to the music. The method seamlessly combines cardio, strength and stretch, which is also how dancers work and it’s super effective. You’re fat burning, toning and seriously sweating! It’s amazing for your mind as well as your body. Moving to music just feels good! The Signature Class is our full body, everything workout. Core is slower paced, low impact and all about strength and stretch. PlyoJam is a high tempo dance cardio workout from Los Angeles. And Power is our classic HIIT class and our only class not timed to music.

The POPfit studio in London Fields is now in full swing, but what made you choose that location?

I fell in love with this area of London, I discovered it when I was living in Hoxton and would often walk down the canal to London Fields. I wanted an area that felt local and had a sense of community as that’s a huge part of my vision for POPfit; creating a beautiful studio where people can become part of something.

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How did your partnership with Kate Hudson and Fabletics come about?

Kate and I became mum friends about 7 years ago. We both love dance, fitness and music so we had a lot in common. We hang out with our kids but also workout a lot together. When I started developing the POPfit method I took it to Kate in LA and she loved the whole concept. She then really supported me through this whole journey and her company Fabletics have been a big part of the journey as well. Our brands are so aligned, creating fitness and activewear that’s accessible and affordable. It felt like a great fit from the start and I’m so grateful for the amazing support I get from both Kate and Fabletics.

Describe your perfect day in London.

I love starting my day with a sweaty workout so POPfit Signature is up first! Shortly followed by making my kids pancakes and smoothies, going to London Fields Lido for a swim and lunch at the amazing Mare Street Market just around the corner. I’m a real home girl so then hanging at home with my kids and having friends over is how I like to spend my days. I love entertaining and having our apartment be noisy and full of people, so we normally cook for everyone and make sure there is plenty of rosé in the fridge!

19 Sidworth St, London E8 3SD