It looks like 2020 might have turned a corner. Sure we’re in lockdown but at least Trump is no more and now this – everyone’s favourite Christmas song ‘Stay Another Day’ is making a bid for Christmas No1 again. Only this time it’s not East 17 doing the singing, oh no, it’s a new all-star (?!) cast of 90s boy band legends named Boyz on Block. Oh how our teenage heart beats for the boyz, previously all posters on our bedroom walls.

This time around you have Abz Love, the fit one from Five and let’s have a minute for that surname; Ben Ofoedu from Phats & Small and if you don’t know who that is, what’s wrong with you?; Another Level’s Dane Bowers, you’re out of your mind if you didn’t think he’d be in it; and Shane Lynch from Boyzone, who also happens to be a professional drift driver these days (that’s one for your Zoom Christmas quizzes). And to add another level (these puns write themselves!) they have teamed up with Tony Mortimer, one of the original members of East 17.

Whilst we definitely don’t want to stay another day in 2020, the ‘tay Another Day’ 2020 edition is available for pre-order now and given the shit show we’re in, surely a trip back to the 90s for this year’s Christmas playlists ain’t so bad….