st james’s masterclass | an evening of diamonds with vashi

St James’s London is home to a diverse range of brands, from retailers to restaurants, but each one shares a passion for craftsmanship and skill. And now the residents of St James’s are letting you in on their secrets with a curated programme of events. For the next event in the St James’s ‘One of a Kind’ series, you can get up close and personal with diamonds at VASHI (where the stones are all ethically sourced and conflict-free) to discover what goes into crafting beautiful jewellery.

During the evening, guests will be divided into three groups for three immersive mini-masterclasses. They each last for 15 minutes before you move on onto the next one.

How To Choose A Diamond

This is all about the five C’s (cut, colour, clarity, carat and certification) and how that affects the price of the diamonds. You’ll get to see loose diamonds so you can compare shapes and sizes.

How To Set A Diamond

One of the VASHI craftsmen (or Alchemists as they like to be called) will show you how to set a diamond with precision, and yes you’ll actually get to do one yourselves.

Polishing, Metals and Finishing

Here you’ll discover the key differences in the metals (yellow gold, white gold, platinum and rose gold), in the polishing methods and in the finishes these produce. You’ll be able to polish a piece during the demo too.

The diamond masterclass is totally free and you get a drink to enjoy during the evening too.

[maxbutton id=”387″] Mon 12th November 2018, 6pm – 7pm
46 Piccadilly, St James’s, London W1J 9EU