spend a night in a department store

Remember that time you dreamed about being locked in a department store? Well now you can do it for real. John Lewis is opening ‘Residence’; a fully-functioning in-store apartment where you can sleepover. Yes, you could be settling in for a night in John Lewis and as well as having a private concierge on hand all night long (perfect for those midnight snacks) and being given your own access all areas tour of the store or private shopping experience, you will also be able to choose your own pillow, scent and beauty products to make your stay as comfortable as possible. And with your favourite TV shows and music set up on arrival, and a Waitrose breakfast and newspapers in the morning, it all sounds pretty sweet.

And if you don’t fancy spending the night, you can always host your own private dinner party or brunch in the space with the food coming from Waitrose Cookery School, or take part in a free workshop and polish up on some skills from a John Lewis expert.

Launches Sat 16th September 2017
300 Oxford St, London W1C 1DX