sleep better with casper

There are loads of products out there that can help improve the quality of your sleep but there are some fundamentals that you absolutely need if you’ve got a hope of getting a solid eight uninterrupted hours. We’re talking things like a bed frame, pillows, a duvet and of course, a mattress. To some people Casper is a friendly ghost, but to those in the know, including the likes of investors Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire and fans like Poppy Delevingne and Naomie Harris, it’s a pretty life changing bed in a box that delivers the better sleep you’ve been looking for. It’s been ranked ‘Excellent’ by Which and awarded a Best Buy 2019 title too so it’s not just the celebs that love it. 

But why is a Casper mattress just so damn good, especially when it’s not even the only bed in a box on the market anymore? The signature memory foam mattress has been designed by sleep experts in Silicon Valley and showcases some real nifty engineering – the team went through 100 prototypes before they cracked it so you know they take your sleep quality seriously.. There are four foam layers inside the mattress that combine to offer pressure relief and deep comfort. Clever contour cuts in the base layer let your shoulders and hips sink in, which in turn keeps your spine aligned during the night, so you don’t wake up feeling all stiff and sore, plus it gives the mattress extra durability.

There’s a transition layer that spreads out the weight evenly (very useful if there’s another person sharing your bed and very, very useful if they like to fidget in the night) and a high-density memory foam layer that supports your pressure points, so you sink into the mattress where you need to whilst still feeling comfy. On the top there’s a breathable layer that adds that all-important bounce and allows air flow to  stops the mattress from overheating, because no one wants a sweaty sleep. It’s actually been proven that a colder room results in a better night’s sleep. The mattress even comes with a zip-off cover that can be washed in the machine at home and it has handles attached to make any mattress maneuvering a breeze.

Even the process of getting the mattress has been streamlined to perfection. You can order your Casper online and have it delivered (for free) to your door within four days, so you don’t have to spend a Saturday traipsing around the shops and jumping on a load of different beds. If the quality of your snoozes aren’t up to scratch, you can send the mattress back (for free) within a 100 days. If you are happy with it, you’ve got a ten-year warranty. How’s that for peace of mind? And Casper hasn’t just stopped at the mattress, it’s taking on the rest of the sleep world. There’s a Casper pillow that’s both soft and supportive; Casper bedding including a fluffy merino & down duvet and Supima cotton sheets; bed frames perfectly designed to hold the mattresses; and even a Glow Lamp that helps you nod off and wake up. Dreamy.